Using Digital X-Rays To Identify Oral Health Concerns

At our Houston, TX dental practice, patients can count on expert treatment whenever they come in for routine oral health care. You can receive helpful tips to use at home when you take care of your teeth by brushing and flossing, and enjoy an expert teeth cleaning during your appointment. During your visit, you can also receive detailed feedback about your current oral health. With digital x-rays, our practice can closely evaluate your teeth for any signs of trouble. These images can play an important role in determining if further dental work is necessary for you. You can be happy to know that digital x-rays can be more convenient than traditional scans, while also emitting significantly less radiation.

Digital X-Rays Allow Us To Carefully Evaluate Your Oral Health

Even when the person doing the evaluating has years of experience and training, a visual inspection can only do so much when it comes to evaluating your oral health. Digital x-rays produce images with significant detail, and allow for the discovery of problems that are too small to be seen normally. When this leads to early cavity detection, you can arrange restorative dental work while a dental cary is still small enough to make treatment with a dental filling effective.

Scheduling Treatment If A Problem Is Found

At a routine dental exam, digital x-rays make it possible for your dentist to discover if you need any cavity treatments. Upon inspection of decay, it can be determined what approach to work might be necessary. The most conservative treatment approach will see your dentist place a dental filling to restore the portion of your tooth that was harmed. Regular evaluations make it possible for your dentist to catch cavities at this early stage, so more of your healthy enamel is preserved. However, if the problem is more serious, a more involved approach to care can be necessary.

The Importance Of Preventive Dental Evaluations

Preventive dental evaluations can result in early intervention and treatment, which can limit the harm a problem like tooth decay might cause. If you are not attending these checkups, you can allow a problem with tooth decay to worsen, which can lead to chronic discomfort. At this point, it may take a root canal procedure and the placement of a dental crown to fully manage your oral health trouble!

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