Month: May 2022

3 Harmful Problems Linked To Bruxism

The ongoing issues you have with nightly teeth grinding can have more significant consequences than you might anticipate. The longer this problem is allowed to go on, the more likely it is to create significant issues for your oral health. Fortunately, there are ways to effectively protect you against this issue. At our Houston, TX… Read more »

Why Are Teeth Stains Hard To Fight?

When you clean your teeth, you can clear away food debris and bacteria that you have picked up over the course of the day. A good hygiene routine will help you avoid concerns about your health and appearance. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to fight teeth stains gather over the years; while you can keep… Read more »

Correcting Minor Smile Flaws

A problem with your tooth’s shape, condition, or size may have little effect on your oral health or bite function, but it can still feel like more than a “minor” flaw. Without the proper corrective work, this kind of issue can rob you of confidence in your appearance and make you reluctant to reveal your… Read more »

When Dental Work Leads To Headache Relief

When you think about how to deal with your headaches, should you think about talking to your dentist? At an appointment, you can learn if your discomfort is actually linked to problems with poor jaw movement and health. If so, it can be beneficial to arrange treatment to address issues with TMJ disorder. At our… Read more »