Month: June 2022

Problems Dental Cleanings Help You Prevent

You should carefully and thoroughly clean your teeth each day. If you do so effectively, you control tartar buildup and prevent problems with dental decay and gum disease. As important as it is to do this, remember that you are not the only person who can protect your smile through preventive care. At our Houston,… Read more »

Dental Technology And Your Oral Health Review

Every time you have your smile reviewed, you have the opportunity to learn about recent problems that have yet to cause you discomfort. This early detection can be more important than you realize. Problems with cavities will require in-office treatment as soon as they arise. Unfortunately, if you only see your dentist when you believe… Read more »

What Services Can A Smile Makeover Include?

It can be exciting to start talking about a smile makeover with your dentist, but it can also be intimidating. When you think about all of the changes that could be needed to restore your confidence in how you look, you may feel uneasy about even starting the process of making them! Fortunately, with the… Read more »

Details On Cavities And Their Treatment

The combination of your daily oral hygiene efforts and your regular dental exams help you keep your risk for cavities low. At our Houston, TX dentist’s office, we can help you identify shortcomings in your daily routine and provide in-office services to make dental problems less likely. With that said, we are also prepared to… Read more »

Headache Relief Through Dental Services

When you have headaches that occur frequently, it can be a good idea to look into what might be triggering them. You may not realize it, but the reason for your troubles could be linked to problems with your dental health. Many people who struggle with neck and shoulder pain, headaches, and other problems have… Read more »