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Your Child’s Dental Health Is Important, Too

As your little one begins to grow in their first teeth, it is important to teach them the best habits to maintain a healthy smile. Aside from helping them with their routine at home, it is also vital that they begin seeing the dentist once their first tooth comes in. This can help them feel comfortable during appointments, understand the importance of dental care, and build good long-lasting habits. Healthy Smiles Dentistry in Houston, TX, cares for patients of all ages. In today’s blog, we are here to talk about the importance of pediatric dental visits.

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During Their Checkup

Just like you, your child should be seeing the dentist every six months. Their first appointment should be around their first birthday. By that time, their first few teeth should be sprouting. During their initial visit, the main goal is to make them comfortable with the staff. We will simply check their smile to see if there are any noticeable concerns. By the age of three, they can start coming in every six months.

Once they are older, their appointments will include X-rays, cleanings, and restorations when necessary. Digital X-rays are necessary to help monitor for early signs of cavities, and changes in their alignment, and ensure proper tooth growth. These can be sent to other specialists, such as the orthodontist when it is time. Their cleaning will help maintain a healthy smile and the hygienist can help them brush correctly if they notice any spots being missed.

If They Have Cavities

As your little one learns how to properly care for their teeth, they may develop cavities. This is fairly common and kids and can be treated with a filling. During this process, we will remove the decayed part of the tooth and add a material to fill the hole. This will strengthen and protect the tooth from further decay.

To help prevent cavities, we can also provide your child with fluoride treatment or sealants. Fluoride is applied to the surface of the tooth. This helps keep the enamel strong and protects against cavities. Sealants are a protective layer that can be applied to the molars. We use our molars to chew our food, but it can be difficult for kids to reach and properly clean this area, resulting in a higher risk of cavities. Sealants can cover molars and protect them from cavities.

It is important to set a good example for your little one. To help your young one understand the importance of good oral hygiene, remember to assist them in brushing and flossing. You can also book family appointments together on the same day to get all appointments done and be a role model for your little one.

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