Month: March 2015

Say Goodbye to TMJ Disorder

If you suffer from TMJ disorder (TMD) you are already quite familiar with the discomfort that you experience as a result of damaged or poorly functioning jaw joints (your TMJs – short for temporomandibular joints). You may deal with a clicking or popping jaw, a jaw that locks when you open or close your mouth,… Read more »

Replace Missing Teeth for Headache Relief

Dealing with daily headaches is just like what it sounds – a literal pain. What can become even more frustrating is realizing you have done everything you can to alleviate your discomfort but nothing seems to work. While taking over-the-counter medications may temporarily ease your throbbing, the underlying cause remains and you continue to suffer…. Read more »

Do You Grind Your Teeth? Find Quick Relief

Do you suffer from daily headaches? Perhaps you are plagued by other types of discomfort that are quite frustrating but that you never thought to associate with a dental disorder. If you have a hunch that you may grind your teeth – or if your jaw joints tend to feel sore – you may suffer… Read more »