Month: July 2015

How Much Do You Know About Bruxism?

If you think dentists only care about cavities, think again. We do care a lot about about cavities (or more importantly, cavity prevention!) but good oral health extends further. At your dental checkups and cleanings, we may also ask about headaches and sleep habits. We check for signs of oral cancer. We are interested in… Read more »

What Gets Checked in a Dental Checkup?

When you glance at your calendar and see “dentist visit” written down, perhaps you wonder if that time is really necessary. What’s the harm in skipping a dental checkup and cleaning, or coming less often? If you skip the cleaning, then hardened tartar will remain on your teeth. Your teeth won’t be smoothed and polished, and… Read more »

Are You Dealing With Dental Headaches?

Though a headache may throb in your head, there are many instances where the underlying cause of the pain is elsewhere. Many headaches have their origin in muscle tension in the jaw, neck or shoulder areas that is translated into the pounding or tight, tense feeling we call a headache. Many dental headaches can be effectively treated,… Read more »