Month: May 2017

Helping You With Your Toothpaste Questions

Have you been spending a significant amount of time trying to decide if you should just come right out and ask us about your toothpaste use and dental hygiene habits during your next visit (or, if perhaps this is stuff you should already know, so you worry we will be disappointed in the question)? Here’s… Read more »

Let’s Review: Smile-Related Headache Causes!

Nobody likes dealing with headaches. Even more frustrating is feeling that there must be headache relief within reach but not having any idea how to find it. For starters, we are pleased to tell you that we can help you achieve that relief if the problem is, in fact, smile related (which you may be… Read more »

Say Goodbye To Dental Anxiety

Would you be able to answer, “Yes!” if we were to ask if you deal with any type of dental anxiety? If so, we have a feeling that this is getting in the way of your professional dental care in some form or fashion. As is usually the case, feeling nervous, scared, uncertain, and hesitant… Read more »

Keep A Headache Diary

If you can get to it early enough before your headache relief visit, we encourage you to keep a headache diary. As you may have already noticed when someone asks you about your chronic pain, attempting to fully explain what’s happening can become a little bit challenging. How to describe your discomfort when there don’t… Read more »