Why Sleep Isn’t Resolving Your Headache (And What To Do)

When you get a headache, what is it that you do to achieve headache relief? Perhaps you take a moment to relax. Maybe you drink a glass of water. You may be someone who is used to heading for the pain relief pills. Like many people, you may also decide to go to sleep, assuming it will let your body reset, so your headache goes away. However, when you wake up with a headache that’s still there or worse, you wonder: Why didn’t this plan work? We can speak to why a nap or even a full night of sleep doesn’t always do the trick.

Why Sleeping Isn’t Working

It makes sense to assume that sleeping will help you rid yourself of your headache. You aren’t stressing while you’re sleeping or feeling tense. You’re completely relaxed! Right? Well, if you’re someone suffering from certain issues, they might not “go away” during sleep. For instance, if you suffer from bruxism disorder, as an example, this is something that may be active specifically while you sleep! Consider this possibility: Your teeth are misaligned, which causes headaches throughout the day. As you sleep, bruxism (you grind or clench your teeth) caused by your misalignment leads to further pain. Your slumber isn’t the solution. Our headache relief in this, and many other cases, is a solution.

What To Do Next?

You may think that you have a unique set of circumstances surrounding your headaches. You may be right! Or, you may be like many other patients who come to see us who think their problem is hopeless. We encourage you to remember that the way we provide headache relief is through a very comprehensive approach. We’ll get to know everything about you, learn how your body is contributing to the chronic problem, and then we will fix the entire issue, so headaches stop.

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