Month: April 2018

Why Mention Your Symptoms During Visits?

You may feel like some symptom you have experienced is “probably nothing.” Or, you feel a little overwhelmed by it because you don’t know what it could mean. There are many reasons you may choose to keep symptoms to yourself during dental checkups with us. However, what we like to remind our patients is that… Read more »

Headache Relief: 3 Main Ways We Do It

You may hear that we offer headache relief and think it over. However, you may find it to seem a little mysterious and wonder how we really take steps toward making those annoying headaches go away, especially if it seems like most of the things you have tried have failed. To offer you a cleanly… Read more »

Headache Myths To Ditch

There are myths out there when it comes to nearly anything and everything under the sun. When we’re talking about headaches and headache relief, the same is true. You will find all sorts of information about what’s causing your pain, why it’s hanging around, why it won’t go away, and “remedies” that will make it… Read more »

Don’t Feel Embarrassed About Your Headaches!

One thing we have noticed over the years is that patients sometimes feel embarrassed about their headaches. It’s not so much that they get headaches but that they have had a hard time dealing with them, that they’ve been going on for quite a long time, that they don’t understand why they’re getting them, and… Read more »