Month: June 2018

Connecting Your Headaches To Chronic Jaw Problems

If you have headaches as a regular occurrence, you can be all too ready to root out the probable cause, and do what it takes to put a stop to the matter. After all, continued problems with headaches can affect your work performance, your mood, and your overall quality of life. One issue that should… Read more »

Your Headache: How Much Can You Describe?

Would you say that you’ve gotten pretty good at describing your headaches? Or, would you say that since your primary goal with this pain is achieving headache relief, the main thing you know about what you’re going through is that it doesn’t feel good? As for other details, perhaps you haven’t spent much time cultivating… Read more »

Preparing For Your Headache Relief Consultation

When you’ve got a headache relief consultation on the books, you know you’re soon to experience a new kind of visit: One during which we focus on all of the details, little and big, that are contributing to your headaches. Soon, you’ll be working with us on ways not only to manage your pain but… Read more »

A Few Hints For Additional Headache Relief

You know that you need headache relief. You know this because you keep getting headaches and instead of going away, they just keep coming back. While we urge you to recognize that taking time for a consultative visit with our team is most definitely to your benefit (we can probably get those headaches to go… Read more »