Your Headache: How Much Can You Describe?

Would you say that you’ve gotten pretty good at describing your headaches? Or, would you say that since your primary goal with this pain is achieving headache relief, the main thing you know about what you’re going through is that it doesn’t feel good? As for other details, perhaps you haven’t spent much time cultivating a language specific to your experience. Good news: This is easy to do and can be helpful when you see us. Just consider some questions!

Where Is It?

Ask yourself where your headache is. Maybe it’s not always in the same place. However, if you’re dealing with chronic pain and a need for headache relief, chances are good you’re seeing some patterns. Is it on the top of your head? In the front? Behind your eyes? Down near your neck? Find ways to describe the where.

How Long Has It Been Going On?

Do your best to figure out how long these headaches have been going on. Has it been for about a week? Two years? Ten years? We will probably ask you when all of this started or when you noticed it was a serious issue as we plan out your headache relief. Don’t worry: If you’re not sure or just have a general idea, that will be fine!

How Long Do The Headaches Last?

Do your headaches last around an hour? Do they go on for days at a time without actually relenting? Let us know about this aspect of how they affect you as we discuss headache relief options for you. Good news: Soon, the answer to the question will be, “I don’t get headaches!”

Find Out How To Talk With Us About Your Headaches

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