3 Problems That Can Potentially Cause You Dental Pain

It seems safe to assume that, given the choice, you would prefer to have no issues with dental pain. Discomfort can be unpleasant, especially when the problem can be made worse by activities as routine as biting, chewing, or even speaking. Fortunately, when you have an issue with discomfort, your Houston, TX dentist is ready to help you. Once your problem is identified, treatment can lead to important relief. The general dental care you receive can prevent a situation from worsening, while also letting you return to your happier, pain-free daily life!

1. An Untreated Cavity Can Cause A Tooth To Be Painful Or Sensitive

If you are experiencing troubles with a tooth that is sensitive to temperature extremes or sweets, those sensations could be symptoms of a cavity. Your dentist can study the tooth to see what level of decay might be present, and what should be done. If the problem is serious enough to cause persistent discomfort, you may need a root canal treatment. Once a tooth is properly treated, your dentist can supply you with a durable restoration. Larger cavities can require a dental crown.

2. A Teeth Grinding Habit Can Leave You Feeling Sore

If you are waking up with pain in your teeth and jaw joints, your symptoms can point to bruxism, or recurring teeth grinding. It is important that you bring this issue to the attention of your dentist. The longer you spend with an unchecked teeth grinding habit, the more likely you are to start seeing signs of wear and tear that change your smile for the worse. The damage can become severe enough to crack and chip teeth. A special mouth guard you wear at night can protect teeth.

3. TMJ Dysfunction Can Lead To Pain In Your Jaw, Face, Neck, And Head

Sometimes, the pain your dentist addresses may be located in areas other than your teeth and jaw. If you have a hard time during most days because you are dealing with pains in your face, neck, and head, it may be time to talk about TMJ dysfunction with your dentist. This problem can be one reason people suffer from chronic headaches. By starting treatment for this issue, you can put a stop to these frustrating aches and pains that continue to bother you.

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