Month: March 2019

Taking Care Of The Different Problems Bruxism Can Cause

You may be putting your teeth under serious pressure while you sleep. You should be concerned about the effects of bruxism if you often wake up with painful or sensitive teeth. Tenderness in your face and jaw can also be a sign of this problem, which causes someone to clench their jaw throughout the night…. Read more »

Performing A Thorough Review To Understand Your Headaches

Your headaches are real, they affect your quality of life, and they can understandably cause you significant distress. Because your Houston, TX dentist’s office is one of the few offering headache treatment through the TruDenta System, you can look forward to meaningful treatment for your headaches. By carefully studying different issues that might be contributing… Read more »

Can TMJ Treatment Solve Your Problems With Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain that affects your neck, head, face, and shoulders may be traced back to an issue with your jaw. TMJ dysfunction refers to the problems that affect your jaw joints and muscles. They may be caused by stress, arthritis in your jaw joints, teeth grinding, or problems that affect your bite function. When your… Read more »

Anxious About A Dental Procedure? Sedation Can Help You

If an untreated oral health problem continues to go without care, the problem can actually worsen. For example, a cavity that currently only affects your enamel can eventually grow large enough to do damage to the dentin beneath your enamel, and eventually cause an infection to spread to your pulp. With that in mind, you… Read more »