Month: April 2019

The Connection Between TMJ Dysfunction And Your Oral Health

When you think about what constitutes an oral health problem, you may focus solely on issues like cavities and gum disease. What you might not realize is how other issues with the condition of certain teeth, your dental alignment, or even your bite function can create problems that call for professional oral health care. TMJ… Read more »

Stop Ignoring That Toothache, And See Your Dentist!

Toothaches can become particularly annoying when you are trying to eat or drink something, but you may feel some level of discomfort throughout your day. You might like to believe that this problem will subside on its own, but you should know that your decision to ignore the matter could leave you vulnerable to serious… Read more »

Exploring The Connection Between Jaw Problems And Headaches

Why would untreated issues with your jaw have something to do with recurring headaches? If you have issues with TMJ dysfunction, which can affect the joints and/or muscles, the effects can be felt in several places. On top of having difficulty biting, chewing, and even speaking comfortably, you may find yourself experiencing pain in your… Read more »

Providing Modern Dental Work To Fully Restore Your Smile

Restoring teeth that have been affected by dental damage or tooth decay can be important to your overall oral health, and your dental function. In fact, you might not realize just how severe untreated dental problems can be for your general well-being. Your Houston, TX dentist’s office is ready to help you by taking care… Read more »