Month: June 2019

Should You Be Worried About Your Bite Function?

There are some matters that obviously have an effect on your oral health. Tooth decay is a common concern, and definitely a problem you want to avoid. You should also take care to protect yourself against gum disease. What you might not realize is that an unchecked problem with your bite function might lead to… Read more »

Please Don’t Ignore The Symptoms Of TMJ Dysfunction

If you want to enjoy life without chronic headaches, painful jaw movement, and stiffness in soreness in your face and neck, you should talk to your Houston, TX dentist about these symptoms when they start to affect you. These can all be signs of TMJ dysfunction, a problem rooted in your jaw health. If something… Read more »

What Kind Of Topics Can You Discuss At Your Routine Checkup?

Is it fair to say that if you have no cavities, you must have no problems with your oral health? As common a problem as they might be, cavities are only one of many different issues that your Houston, TX dentist is ready to help you with. Of course, during every routine dental exam, decay… Read more »

Are You Experiencing Frequent Headaches? Tell Your Dentist!

If you frequently need to cancel plans due to headaches, if you find yourself frequently restocking your medicine cabinet with aspirin, or if you are just tired of dealing with recurring pain, talk to your Houston, TX dentist about headache relief. This might seem like a strange way to deal with your problem – after… Read more »