Month: December 2021

How Veneers Deliver Lasting Smile Changes

If you are entering the new year feeling a lack of confidence in your smile, it will be more difficult to start 2022 on a truly positive note. Fortunately, you can find that the right cosmetic dental procedure can help, and that you can see the changes you want in less time than you anticipate…. Read more »

Protecting Your Smile In The New Year

Are you ready to keep your smile healthy in the new year? One important way to do this is to stick with a consistent oral hygiene routine. Another is to make sure you have plans for preventive dental services. At our Houston, TX dentist’s office, we can meet with you to provide welcome care to… Read more »

Restoring A Smile Hurt By Bruxism

If you let a problem with nightly teeth grinding and clenching go untreated for too long, the impact on your smile can be severe. As time passes, you can experience worsening issues with wear and tear that leave teeth misshapen and unattractive. This issue can also be linked to larger concerns about jaw pain and… Read more »

When Should I Schedule Another Dental Exam?

If you are not sure when your last dental exam took place, or if you feel self-conscious about how long it has been, setting up your next visit can certainly be important. Unless your are told by your dentist to follow something different, you should make an effort to arrange routine care on a semiannual… Read more »

How Dental Treatment Relieves Headaches

Reaching for your aspirin can certainly help if you have a headache. If you frequently deal with this discomfort, you might be surprised to know that a trip to your dentist’s office can be beneficial. Our Houston, TX dental practice can provide important support for you if you have frequent headaches, as this problem can… Read more »