Month: April 2022

The Role Of A Crown In Restoring Your Smile

Treating dental problems effectively means more than just stopping a cavity’s growth. After the immediate threat of decay is resolved, your tooth will need protection in response to the irreversible damage that has taken place. At our Houston, TX dental practice, we can use both dental fillings and dental crowns in treatment. When it is… Read more »

Protecting Gums Through Ultrasonic Scaling

You can give your teeth and gums the right support through your daily oral hygiene efforts. Taking the time each day to thoroughly clean your smile will keep bacteria from building up on the roots of your teeth and creating problems for your overall health. At your regular dental checkups with your Houston, TX dentist,… Read more »

The Right Filling Can Offer Lasting Support

Hopefully, you will leave your next routine dental exam without having to arrange any additional work. The goal of regular appointments is to help lower your risk for problems, but our Houston, TX dentist’s office is certainly ready to take care of you if something is wrong. Cavities are a common threat, one that can… Read more »

When Poor Dental Health Leads To Headaches

Have you thought about asking your dentist for help with headaches? It may seem like an unusual request, but when you suffer from TMJ problems, it can lead to positive results! Our Houston, TX dental practice is prepared to help you take on problems with your jaw alignment and movement that cause discomfort in your… Read more »