Month: August 2022

Using Dental Veneers To Fix Smile Flaws

Your smile flaws can feel like the first feature of yours that people fixate on. They can also seem to draw your attention when you look at your teeth in the mirror or in pictures. Do you have to simply accept that these issues will always be present to affect how you look and how… Read more »

Placing A Filling That You Can Rely On

There are times when your dental visits will only need to offer a thorough cleaning and feedback about your oral health. These are times when your smile has been successfully protected against the different threats that it faces. However, there are times when more work will need to be provided or planned. At our Houston,… Read more »

When Dental Trouble Is An Emergency

Typically, you can limit your dental office visits to two per year. Semiannual dental exams can help you by both keeping you informed about your oral health and offering timely care when there are signs of trouble. With that said, these may not be all that you require from your dentist in a given year…. Read more »

What Connects Jaw Troubles And Headaches?

A headache can effectively shut down your plans for the day, and recurring problems with them can create understandable concerns about your overall health. What you might not realize is that the issue could be with your oral health. This is because you can experience these issues due to related problems with poor jaw alignment… Read more »