Month: November 2022

Book A Cavity Treatment That Preserves Your Smile

Once a cavity forms, restorative dental work will have to take place if you want to stop further harm to your tooth structure. If you do not book restorative treatment, decay will keep spreading. Eventually, this will lead to the movement of bacteria into your inner tooth structure and a painful infection. Beyond this, you will have… Read more »

Selecting The Right Teeth Whitening Treatment

How often do you decide to withhold your smile during a photo or keep your teeth hidden in a social environment? These are actions people can take when they feel self-conscious about stained tooth enamel. Unfortunately, this kind of discoloration can be tough to avoid. Even after making changes to limit your exposure to new… Read more »

Technology And Your Oral Health Evaluations

How informed are you about your oral health? If you keep up with regular dental exams, you receive detailed feedback, including information on problems that are difficult to observe. Our Houston, TX dentist’s office relies on advanced technology to provide thorough information during routine visits as well as evaluations for active concerns about your well-being…. Read more »

When Oral Health Issues Trigger Headaches

What is causing you to have more headaches than normal? It could be a problem that is linked to your oral health. When poor jaw alignment and movement result in ongoing problems with TMJ disorder, you can have difficulties with headaches and other problems that impact your quality of life. Fortunately, treatment is available to… Read more »