Month: October 2014

Dental Bridges: The Good, the Bad, and the Alternative

When you lose a tooth, your immediate concern should be how to replace it so you can restore you mouth’s function (as well as your smile’s appearance). For many people, the solution lies in custom-built dental bridges, which span the gaps left by missing teeth to help rebuild incomplete smiles. However, before deciding if a… Read more »

Rotary Endontics for Comfortable Root Canals

There’s no denying that root canals have a pretty poor reputation for being unpleasant – even torture. The good news is, if you need one, you are very likely to be pleasantly surprised by how easy the procedure is. Thanks to innovations such as rotary endontics, root canal therapy is even more comfortable than ever…. Read more »

Try to Avoid the Gum Recession

Do you know why you have gums? They actually serve multiple purposes, including functional and cosmetic roles inside your mouth. Gingival tissues line the entirety of your mouth, but your gums line bone structure which is why they feel stiffer than your inner cheeks if you run your tongue through your mouth. Gums seal the… Read more »

Who Needs a Root Canal?

Being told that you need root canal therapy can seem like bad news, especially if you have misconceptions about what root canal therapy actually entails. However, in a sense, it can be good news—the need for root canal therapy means there’s still a chance your tooth can be saved before extensive decay causes you to… Read more »