Month: October 2015

Compelling Reasons To Address Bite Problems

Your bite – or your “occlusion” – is the way your top and bottom teeth and jaws fit together. In a perfect scenario, your bite is excellent, which means everything fits together comfortably without causing strain. When you suffer from a poor bite or “malocclusion” things don’t fit together like puzzle pieces. Unfortunately, this can… Read more »

True-Or-False Quiz: About Headaches

When it comes to understanding headaches, why you get them, and how to make them stop, the process can feel quite overwhelming. Many people assume they are just “headache people” who are more prone to the problem and rely on over-the-counter pain relievers to alleviate mild to moderate discomfort. Others suffer from extremely severe discomfort… Read more »

Pediatric Dentistry Treatments

Do you know what to expect from pediatric dentistry? Are you familiar with the variety of treatments we offer? Or, do you simply think of children’s dental care as something that includes compassion and a gentler approach but that is technically identical to adult care? The not-so-great news is that if you don’t know much… Read more »

Address Headaches With Bruxism Treatment

Getting to the bottom of your chronic headaches can feel like a major headache of its own. Fortunately, by visiting us for a consultation, we can quickly help you identify dental disorders or problems that may be contributing to or causing your discomfort. For example, a disorder called bruxism is commonly associated with many types… Read more »