Month: December 2015

Bye-Bye, Holiday Headaches

Do you often refer to the holidays as a “total headache” in a joking manner? Unfortunately, if you are someone who suffers from chronic headaches, worrying about dealing with discomfort during an otherwise festive and enjoyable season can become extremely frustrating. To make sure you can celebrate with friends and family without having to back… Read more »

Want A More Beautiful Smile?

Have you spent quite a lot of time getting your oral health in excellent condition? Perhaps you have been focusing on headache relief or addressing problems like bruxism. Then again, maybe you are coming to us with one of those fortunate grins that hasn’t seen much trouble. Whatever the case, we invite you to schedule… Read more »

Seek Treatment In 2015

Have you been telling yourself that you will give us a call to schedule an appointment in 2016 (as your way of procrastinating without losing sight of your oral health)? While resolutions are always a wonderful way of motivating yourself to do positive things, this approach can backfire when it comes to your dental care…. Read more »