Month: May 2016

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Headaches

You may feel the need to act strong and tell yourself that everyone gets headaches, they’re a nuisance, but it’s something you can learn to live with. While it may be true that you can become accustomed to them being around, it is certainly not going to provide you with a very good quality of… Read more »

How To Avoid Dental Damage

Do you feel worried about your teeth because you think to yourself that – though you know they’re strong – they can’t possibly hold up under daily pressure and use? The good news is that your teeth and oral health really are extremely resilient. Though, as you have noted, they do withstand a ton of… Read more »

TMJ Disorder: Why Didn’t I Realize?

There are many reasons you may have been going along, living your life without realizing you were suffering from TMJ disorder (TMD). The good news is that you made a visit to see us, we diagnosed you, and now you can receive treatment that will help heal tissues and prevent further damage. As for making you… Read more »

3 Reasons Bruxism Flies Under The Radar

Have you recently been diagnosed with bruxism? Did this diagnosis come with the shocking fact that you have been experiencing it for quite a while but you had no idea? Don’t worry – this is a common tale. “But why?” you might ask yourself. Why did you go so long without recognizing you were suffering… Read more »