Month: March 2017

Q&A: TMJ Disorder Symptoms

If you’re new to the world of TMJ disorder (TMD) but you think this issue is not new for your mouth (perhaps you’ve been dealing with symptoms you don’t understand for quite some time) then you probably have a lot of questions. To get you started on figuring out what might be going on with… Read more »

2 Reasons To Avoid Being Your Own Dentist

Perhaps you are someone who is suffering from headaches and you are in immediate need of headache relief. Maybe you have been dealing with TMJ disorder for quite some time and you assume that if you just use any mouthguard out there, you’ll improve the situation. Perhaps you think you can fix your bruxism by… Read more »

Simple Changes To Limit Headaches

When you’re not yet certain what is causing your headaches but you’re headed to our practice soon for a headache relief consultation, it’s always a good idea to limit the potential causes. It’s also beneficial to avoid making your headache worse. Let’s make our way through some little tweaks to your daily life that will… Read more »

Headache Relief: Check Out Our Website!

Are you someone who is struggling and struggling with headaches? While we know you may feel the urge to run to the drugstore to see if you can find a more powerful pain reliever, we often suggest you begin with a trip to see us, your dental team! Did you know that we offer effective… Read more »

Jaw Pain: When It’s Not Allergies, Sinuses, Or Anything Else

Have you been trying to figure out why nothing you do seems to make your allergies or sinus pressure any better? Perhaps you don’t really even feel congested but your symptoms are all in line with reactions to pollen. If you’re dealing with headaches and discomfort, it might be time to come talk with us…. Read more »