Month: April 2017

Post-Extraction Headaches

Have you noticed that ever since you had a problematic tooth removed, you have been dealing with more headaches? Perhaps you have decided that your dental extraction related headaches must mean that it’s the extraction itself that is causing some type of problem. What we encourage you to recognize is that in most instances, it’s… Read more »

3 Times You’ll Need An Oral Appliance

You might call it an oral appliance, you may refer to it as a mouthguard, or some other type of name for a device that goes in your mouth and fits over your teeth. Whatever the case, you’ll find that there are a few common instances in which you will be required to wear a… Read more »

Surprising Benefits Of Our Headache Relief

When the main goal of your daily life at the moment turns into discovering a way to achieve headache relief, you may start feeling like you’ll try anything. Before you assume you need a newfangled device or a super medicine, we invite you to visit our practice. With the help of an advanced diagnostic system… Read more »

A Simple Refresher: Protecting Your Oral Health

If you’re hoping your oral health is in good condition but you don’t really know if you’re doing everything you need to in order to ensure that’s the case, we have a simple refresher for you. We know that it’s very easy to become focused on other things, while the details of dental care begin… Read more »