Month: February 2018

TMJ Disorder And Your Daily Tasks

Is TMJ disorder (TMD) affecting your life? Are you aware that what you need to do is protect your jaw joints, which you realize may mean making some lifestyle choices at the moment and coming in to see us about TMJ treatment? While this may all be very clear to you, that doesn’t necessarily translate… Read more »

Do I Need Headache Relief From My Dentist?

You may feel a little bit confused, particularly if you have been attributing your headaches to one specific cause for a long time. Or, you may be receiving headache relief already, so you wonder: Do you still need to see us, too? Is it all about finding one solution when it comes to treating headaches… Read more »

Why Sleep Isn’t Resolving Your Headache (And What To Do)

When you get a headache, what is it that you do to achieve headache relief? Perhaps you take a moment to relax. Maybe you drink a glass of water. You may be someone who is used to heading for the pain relief pills. Like many people, you may also decide to go to sleep, assuming… Read more »

We Offer A Lot Because: We Treat A Lot!

When you begin taking a look through our services that we offer at our practice, you may notice something: We offer a lot of different areas of dental care. That’s because we treat a lot of concerns. What makes this beneficial for you? Well, when you can receive comprehensive care in one place and you… Read more »