Month: August 2019

Make An Appointment To Discuss TruDenta Headache Treatment

A headache can sap your concentration at work, make you irritable around your family, and generally make days longer and less pleasant. As much as you would love to be free of this problem, you seem to be experiencing pain more frequently, and without a clear cause. Our Houston, TX dental office can help you… Read more »

Poor Dental Health Can Lead To Chronic Discomfort

When you have problems with your oral health, you can deal with more than just a less attractive smile. Issues with teeth that are unhealthy may cause you to change the way you bite, chew, or even speak because of pain or sensitivity. Unfortunately, compromising your jaw movement can lead to problems with your joints… Read more »

We Can Secure A Lifelike Restoration To Your Dental Implant

If you have suffered tooth loss, how much support can you really expect from a dental prosthetic? Are you going to have a hard time biting and chewing with this restoration in place, or will you find that it has an artificial quality that makes you self-conscious about your smile? At our Houston, TX dental… Read more »

3 Problems People Can Experience Due To Bruxism

Have you noticed that you tend to wake up with stiffness in your face and jaw, or dental sensitivity? Do you feel like your teeth are starting to lose their shape because of wear and tear? People who experience these problems have symptoms of bruxism, or chronic teeth grinding. This problem often takes place while… Read more »

Are Your Headaches Connected To Oral Health Problems?

If you have a headache, your instinct can be to reach for a bottle of aspirin. If you continue to have headaches, you might want to bring the problem to your dentist’s attention. It may seem strange to think of a dental practice as the place to go for this issue, but chronic headaches are… Read more »