Month: November 2019

Is Your Jaw Movement Starting To Become Painful?

If basic jaw movements involved in biting, chewing, and speaking are starting to become uncomfortable, you should speak with your dentist about TMJ disorder. Problems that affect our jaw joints or muscles can lead to chronic pain, limited dental function, and even issues with chronic headaches. At our Houston, TX dental practice, we take problems… Read more »

The Role Dental Exams Play In Preserving Your Oral Health

How much time and effort do you devote to taking care of your teeth and gums each day? You should brush your teeth at least two times, and take at least two minutes for each session. You should also floss on a daily basis to protect yourself against plaque and food debris. Hopefully, you are… Read more »

We Can Find The Reason For Your Headaches With TruDenta

When headaches continue to be a problem in your daily life, you can be eager to determine what the problem is, and to find a lasting solution. At our Houston, TX dental office, we rely on modern technology to find ways to relieve problems with headaches. Headaches and dental troubles can be more common than… Read more »

We Provide Custom Appliances To Help You Manage Bruxism

Leaving a problem with teeth grinding untreated can cause you to experience headaches, difficulty with biting and chewing, and potentially serious dental trauma over time. This issue, known as bruxism, can be connected to TMJ dysfunction, and can actually make this matter worse by continually putting stress on your jaw! At our Houston, TX dental… Read more »