Month: August 2016

Why Your Friend’s Treatment Didn’t Work

Do you have a friend who has received treatment for a particular functional disorder (but it wasn’t very effective)? Is this the same problem you are currently experiencing, so you are starting to worry that coming in to let us treat you is actually not going to help at all? In these instances, it is extremely… Read more »

Schedule A Headache Relief Consultation

In addition to dealing with a serious need for headache relief, you may find that trying to learn more about what might be causing your headaches is causing some figurative headaches on its own. When you feel like you’re at the end of your rope and all you want is someone to help alleviate the… Read more »

Uncommon Reasons Why Teeth Ache

When teeth hurt, it’s often because the tooth is damaged, or infected, or its roots and nerves are somehow exposed. This can happen due to a variety of issues, the most common of which include tooth damage, progressive tooth decay, and gum disease. Sometimes, however, the possible reasons for your toothache aren’t common ones. Today,… Read more »

Protect Your Jaw, Avoid TMJ Disorder

In some instances, TMJ disorder occurs as the result of jaw damage. While there are other potential contributors to the development of jaw joint problems, physical trauma is on the list. Curious about any steps you might be able to take to keep this part of your oral anatomy safe from accidental damage? Fortunately, we… Read more »