Month: September 2016

Checkups And Headache Relief

Don’t underestimate the importance of dental checkups. You may think that these are just routine and something that we suggest you do but that there’s no real significance to a six-month exam. As a matter of fact, if you’re seeking headache relief, you may think that you’ve got bigger problems in your life than coming… Read more »

Headache Relief Details: Questions And Answers

Do you suffer from headaches but you worry that we will consider your pain “insufficient” for care or that maybe you need to just suck it up and keep taking the pain relievers you have been depending on for so long? The quick answer is: If you deal with chronic headaches, you should most definitely… Read more »

Headaches Q&A: Are Your Wisdom Teeth To Blame?

Perhaps you have a hunch (or solid evidence) that it’s time for your third molars to be removed. With this knowledge, you may begin wondering whether your need for headache relief is connected to your wisdom teeth. The short answers is: Perhaps. For a clearer understanding of how these issues may be related and what to… Read more »

Quiz: Bruxism And Tooth Loss

When you think to yourself, “I need treatment for my bruxism disorder” but you don’t do anything to seek out care, you’re doing yourself a big disservice. The longer you pretend this issue isn’t going on or that it isn’t going to lead to serious consequences, the greater your risk of everything from minor damage… Read more »

Can Cavities Cause Headaches?

If you have been wondering whether tooth decay can cause headaches either directly or indirectly, the answer is yes. However, as you may have noticed by learning more about headache causes, there’s a lot that might be going on with your smile and your entire body that is contributing to your discomfort. As a result,… Read more »