Month: September 2015

Tips for Dental Headache Relief

Headache relief is often an important part of many patients’ dental treatment. Like a toothache, head pain can indicate a number of chronic dental health issues, from unconscious teeth-grinding and TMJ disorder to obstructive sleep apnea, and more. Diagnosing the source of your chronic headaches is the first step to finding relief, and will require… Read more »

Chronic Headaches from TMJ Disorder?

For many people, jaw movement is not an obvious part of oral health. However, its importance should not be underestimated. The joints that control your jaw, known as temporomandibular joints, are located on either side of your mouth, next to each ear. As your mouth opens and closes, the joints should pivot and glide together…. Read more »

More Comfortable Treatment with Dental Sedation

Because dental treatment may sometimes involve one or more complex procedures, anesthesia and dental sedation are frequently a necessary part of treatment. Local anesthesia is administered to block nerve signals and reduce physical discomfort, while sedation and general anesthesia help calm your nerves and keep you relaxed. For patients who experience dental fear or phobia,… Read more »

When Your Tooth Is Giving You a Headache

A toothache is worrisome for a number of reasons. Its cause can range from tooth damage to a developing cavity, and its severity can range from mildly annoying to severely painful. If not treated, the tooth’s condition and discomfort will continue to grow worse, potentially leading to recurring headaches. As if a toothache isn’t disruptive… Read more »