Month: June 2016

Three Surprising Headache Causes

What causes a headache? Some things that jump to mind are work stress, tension of all sorts and prolonged exposure to a noisy environment. You might be aware that decreasing caffeine intake can cause a headache. Headaches can be a side effect of untreated high blood pressure and some medical conditions. Certain foods and drinks cause… Read more »

The Details About TMJ Disorder

Your smile consists of more than merely your teeth and gums. In fact, both would be largely useless if your mouth didn’t move, and the components that control this movement are subject to damage just like your teeth and gums. TMJ disorder describes a condition where your jaw’s joints, called temporomandibular joints (TMJs), are damaged… Read more »

Summer Sip Suggestions For Oral Health

When it comes to the choices you make for your beverages this summer, you might not give them much thought. In fact, a drink is probably something you just choose on impulse! After all, summer is time for lemonade and refreshing drinks that cool you off – and time for some rest and relaxation. While we certainly… Read more »

Headache Relief Tips For New Patients

Are you a new patient to our practice who is excited about all that we offer for headache relief but you are not sure how to proceed? Perhaps you’re worried that your headaches are not serious enough, that you cannot afford treatment, or you just feel like you don’t know where to begin. Good news:… Read more »

Quiz: Pressure And Your Teeth

Do you ever find yourself feeling like there’s a ton of pressure behind your teeth? Maybe your teeth don’t necessarily hurt but it’s that feeling of pressure that makes them uncomfortable. While this oral health concern can be hard to describe and figure out, it’s easy to make more sense of the issue when you… Read more »