Month: September 2019

Dental Crowns Can Help Improve Your Dental Function

When you have an untreated tooth problem affecting your dental function, you are vulnerable to painful oral health issues. Over time, an awkward of painful bite can put stress on your jaw, which can lead to TMJ dysfunction. Of course, you also need to be concerned about why your tooth is too sore or sensitive… Read more »

A Problem With Your Jaw Movement Can Cause Chronic Headaches

If you keep experiencing chronic headaches, you might want to consider the role your bite function is playing in the matter. It might seem strange to link headaches and jaw movement, but the reality is an unaddressed issue with your bite can tax your jaw joints and muscles. Over time, the stress that you are… Read more »

Should You Visit Your Dentist To Talk About Teeth Grinding?

Your mornings are becoming less pleasant because you keep waking up with painful or sensitive teeth, and a sore jaw. These issues are signs that you have begun grinding your teeth at night, and you should know that the problem can worsen over time. Eventually, your tendency to clench your jaw while asleep can cause… Read more »

Dental Exams Lead To Important Oral Health Feedback

The information you receive during a routine dental exam can provide important details about your overall oral health. One benefit is that you can have a developing cavity identified and treated with a dental filling before the problem worsens. With that said, there are man other issues our Houston, TX dental practice can recognize, and… Read more »