Month: October 2019

Protecting Your Child’s Smile From Their Halloween Candy

When your child comes home after trick-or-treating, they can eagerly show off the candy they received during the evening. Of course, many children will also be eager to start consuming as many sweets as they can once their night comes to a close, which can make you understandably nervous about their oral health. At our… Read more »

Restoring Teeth To Improve Your Smile And Dental Function

When a person falls behind on their oral health care needs, they can allow several problems to ultimately affect their smile before they seek out treatment. If you have several teeth in poor condition, it may become difficult for you to feel comfortable biting and chewing, and face a greater risk for developing TMJ problems… Read more »

We Are Dedicated To Finding The Cause Of Your Headaches

When you continue to suffer from headaches, simply taking aspirin to manage the pain can fall short of truly addressing the problem. What people are sometimes surprised to realize is that their headaches may be the result of oral health issues. You may be feeling a symptom of unresolved problems with your jaw, or your… Read more »

Wearing An Oral Appliance To Address Dental Discomfort

If you are experiencing dental discomfort, a custom oral appliance can prove effective at addressing the matter. At our Houston, TX dental office, we can craft a custom guard to help people who are struggling to put a stop to problems linked to TMJ dysfunction. If you have trouble moving your jaw, feel persistent soreness… Read more »

Using Digital X-Rays To Identify Oral Health Concerns

At our Houston, TX dental practice, patients can count on expert treatment whenever they come in for routine oral health care. You can receive helpful tips to use at home when you take care of your teeth by brushing and flossing, and enjoy an expert teeth cleaning during your appointment. During your visit, you can… Read more »