How Orthodontics Relieves Headaches

headacheredspotSometimes you suffer from a headache because you had a stressful day or as the result of illness. But what should you think when you suffer from daily headaches without an obvious underlying cause? In addition to dealing with discomfort, you may also find yourself shouldering the frustration of daily pain. If this speaks to you, we encourage you to talk to us about how orthodontics relieves headaches. You may find that your problem is actually dental-related and that treatment and comfort are in sight.


Surprising Causes of Headaches

headacheredheadDo you suffer from daily headaches and assume you must be doing something wrong? Or, perhaps you are quite sure you are doing everything right but no matter what you do, you still seem to suffer from pain or discomfort on a pretty regular basis. One of the places patients often fail to look for answers is at the dentist. We are here to tell you, however, that we may have answers and treatments to address your frustration, while guiding you toward an improved quality of life. A significant part of understanding how we can help is becoming more familiar with the causes of headaches from our perspective. Consider the following and schedule an appointment right away if you identify with the information:


The Lesser Known Advantages of Porcelain Veneers

smileredlipswhiteteethYou probably know that porcelain veneers can greatly improve the appearance of your smile. Not only can they camouflage cracks and minor chips but they can also whiten and brighten the appearance of your grin for a truly magnificent smile makeover. While these aesthetic benefits sound wonderful, you may be thinking to yourself that there must be some hidden catch. Before you allow the little doubts that pop up in your brain to cheat you out of saying, “yes” to a wonderful solution, look over the following lesser known advantages of veneers. You may learn all you need to know to feel good about your decision to improve your smile with this cosmetic solution.


Tooth Contouring Questions And Explanations

straightsmilecloseupDo you ever zero in on specific areas of your smile and begin to feel somewhat upset because you’re unhappy with what you see? We find that even the tiniest aesthetic concerns can become quite amplified to our patients. This is why we would like to make sure that you know about tooth contouring and its many advantages. Whether you’re suffering from tiny chips or a tooth that looks like it grew just a bit longer than the teeth surrounding it, we can address your dislikes, so you can begin to love the smile you share with the world every day. Beginning to feel curious about whether this cosmetic procedure is for you? Read ahead:


Dental Tips for a Healthy Smile

toothbrushandpasteA major part of maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile includes visiting our office regularly – typically once every six months – for a dental cleaning and checkup. However, do you know the best way to promote a healthy smile when you’re away from our practice? We realize patients often feel strongly about taking good care of their teeth but may not have all of the education necessary to practice the best home hygiene possible. Rather than keeping you in the dark on these very important details, we have gathered some important dental tips for a healthy smile to help you avoid problems like cavities and gum disease.


Sparkle Up That Smile With Teeth Whitening Solutions

womanlaughingcloseupYou may have found by doing a bit of research that all options for brightening your smile are not alike. If you feel ready to improve the appearance of your teeth by addressing staining or discoloration, you are in luck. We offer a variety of teeth whitening systems to whiten your smile for a dazzling finish. However, you may be wondering which system is right for you and how you will make your decision. We encourage you to look over the following explanations for a better understanding of what we have to offer and which option may work best for your unique needs.


Dental Anxiety: Your FAQs

relaxedwomangrassHave you been putting off dental treatment for many years but can’t quite figure out a solution for your procrastination? Or, perhaps you schedule dental visits but you feel so emotionally exhausted afterwards that just the mention of a follow-up visit is excruciating. Dental anxiety presents itself in many forms, which is why we offer sedation dentistry solutions for relaxing visits. Because we often find that our patients either feel alone or do not even recognize that their suffering is a well-known cause of putting-off treatment, we have compiled the following answers to your most frequently asked questions about dental anxiety and our solution to solving this issue:


Pediatric Preventive Care: A True-or-False Quiz

childcutesmileHas your little one’s first tooth arrived yet? Have you been thinking that you want to bring your child to see us for preventive care but you aren’t really sure if dental care is necessary for children? We understand that parents hesitate to schedule pediatric appointments for a wide variety of reasons – often because they simply worry that their child will have an enjoyable experience. In addition to ensuring your child feels at ease and comfortable during visits, we feel passionate about providing the many wonderful benefits that pediatric dental care offers a developing smile. Wondering what all the fuss is about? Test your knowledge for a better understanding of children’s dentistry with the following quiz:


Which Dental Trends are on the Rise in 2015?

Trends 2015 Written in Chalk on a ChalkboardIt may not have the sex appeal of the fashion industry or the ubiquity of the internet, but dentistry is as affected by changing trends as any other industry. And while things don’t move quite as quickly in the dental field as they do on the runway (you’re not going to see your dentist upgrading to the next best digital x-ray or dental laser every season), trends to greatly affect how you experience professional dentistry. Today, Houston family dentist Dr. Amy Vlachakis discusses three major trends that are expected to impact her field this year. (more…)

Can Porcelain Veneers Improve Your Smile?

can porcelain veneers improve your smileIf you’ve continued to brush and floss your teeth every day since childhood, then you have a good chance of preventing most of the issues that could threaten your dental health. However, cavities, bad breath, and gum disease are not the only things your teeth have to contend with, and sometimes, you can’t prevent things from affecting their appearance. Depending on what your cosmetic issues are, and how severe they have become, porcelain veneers can improve your smile with a single cosmetic procedure. (more…)