Different Ways to Use Dental Crowns

concept of teethHow do you fix a tooth that can’t fix itself? Unlike other parts of your body, your teeth’s aren’t able to repair their damaged or infected structure. Even after treatment, the tooth won’t automatically return to its former appearance. To address the many different issues that could afflict a tooth, Houston family dentist, Dr. Amy Vlachakis, offers an array of customized dental crowns to suit each patient’s unique needs. (more…)

A Disturbing Look at Dental Plaque

woman with disgusted look on her faceSince we were young, most of us have been taught to protect our teeth from dental plaque by brushing and flossing them at least twice every day. Yet, if asked, would you be able to explain what, exactly, dental plaque is? Or, why the sticky film is such a threat? Understanding what plaque is made of could help you understand why skipping even one or two sessions with your toothbrush can lead to serious trouble. (more…)

If Your Teeth Look Great, Do You Still Need a Checkup?

pretty smile in thoughtIf you follow your dentist’s advice closely, you should brush your teeth at least twice every day (and after meals, whenever possible), and floss between them at least once. You would also attend a dental checkup and cleaning appointment as often as your dentist recommends for a thorough teeth cleaning and examination. Unfortunately, many people assume that, since they’re diligent about hygiene at home, and their teeth don’t hurt or appear stained, they can simply skip the next appointment without consequence. The truth, however, is that your teeth need a checkup at least twice a year, or dental diseases can develop, progress, and threaten your oral health before you realize what’s happening. (more…)