Month: April 2016

3 Reasons To Replace Restorations

Have you been taking a look at your restorations in the mirror lately, wondering if they are negatively affecting your oral health or if there’s simply a way to make them look better? In general, replacing old, tired, or unsightly dental work is the most efficient way toward improving the concern. Curious about common reasons… Read more »

Pain: It’s Your Oral Health Warning

Nobody really likes to talk about pain, particularly because it’s something nobody enjoys experiencing. However, it is important to remember that this sensation is one that generally lets your body know something isn’t quite right. When we’re talking about discomfort and your oral health, you should consider some helpful advice that will protect your smile… Read more »

Quiz: Have Headaches Overtaken Your Life?

How often do you suffer from a headache? Is this an occasional problem for you? Or, do you feel like you almost always have a headache or that they regularly come and go? If you answered “yes” to the final question, it’s important that you realize you have options. Ready to see if headaches have overtaken… Read more »

A Few Tips for TMJ Pain and Headache Relief

Like a toothache, TMJ pain can range from just a little discomfort to severe pain, and anywhere in between. Unlike a toothache, however, TMJ pain is not relegated to just one area of your mouth or jaw, but can actually spread to a variety of areas throughout your head, neck, face, shoulders, and more. Headaches,… Read more »